What can we deliver?

From ideas to execution

Media Relations

There is no point in addressing the media without a strategy. We help you target the media channels that will make the difference. We deliver content to position you as a thought leader, go-to source of information and to ensure that your message is heard.

Economic Consultancy

Organisations are operating in a regulated, often complex environment. We provide you with solid insights into economic and social developments to help you advance your strategic business objectives.

Digital Architecture

Today’s audiences seek, consume and share content across an endless mix of online channels. Social media is no longer just child’s play. Our team will help you ensure your digital footprint and maximise your audience.

Crisis Management

A crisis is always unexpected, has the worst possible timing and requires rapid action. We believe in a proactive approach to crisis management. Staying ahead of issues and keeping your customers and stakeholders engaged and ready to avert the crisis. With our strategic and pragmatic advice, you will be able to navigate negative news successfully. For us, even a crisis represents an opportunity to grow.

Issue Advocacy

You want your message to be heard? We can help to create awareness of certain issues. Growth Inc. will enable you to grab public attention, influence policymakers and shape legislation to finally make a difference. Our issue advocacy campaigns are based on the current political climate, our knowledge of the issue, and our understanding of the positions and particular interests of your audience.

Reputation Management

Your corporate reputation is essential in every aspect of your business–from engaging and motivating employees, investors and stakeholders, to reaching your customers. Every kind of communication or activity should embody your values and brand. We want you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make your unique value standout.

Outreach Programmes

How to launch your business properly? Which event is a must-attend? Which trade mission is essential for your business development? Growth Inc. can help organise and identify the right events, from traditional must-attend to invitation-only events in exclusive circles. Growth Inc. ensures your outreach efforts pay off.